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Delicious Thai food right in your backyard in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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Bangkok Wok: Your Local Source for Delicious Thai Cuisine

 Bangkok WokThai Cuisine is best defined as striking a delightful balance between East Indian and Chinese cuisine. Our dishes are seasoned with different types of soy seasonings, mushroom sauce, smoked chili, oyster sauce and fish sauce, which all play an important role in Thai Cooking.

We have an array of curry dishes that are interplayed with coconut milk and Thai seasonings. We use all natural ingredients and do not use MSG, salt, or butter in our cooking.

Other spices that are used in some of our dishes are lemongrass, cilantro, kaffir-lime leaf, galangal, kra-cha, and the aromatic fresh Thai basil. All dishes with exception of rice and noodle dishes are served with a bowl of white Jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is a fine, long grain type, called “khao hom mali,” so delicious that it can become a meal in itself. We use only the finest quality of meats, a wide variety of the freshest of vegetables, and fresh seafood, which ensures the quality of our dishes.

Thai food is known for being very hot or extremely hot. Although some Thai dishes are quite spicy, far more dishes are completely mild, and require no adjustment whatsoever. Most of the heat of the spicy dishes comes from red or green peppers, commonly referred to as chilies. We accommodate both spicy and mild palates. It is your preference! Our dishes are served family style, which means all entrees at your table can be tasted by everyone.

Thai food is a many-splendored thing. It combines pleasing subtleties – the soft and crunchy, sweet and sour, bitter and mellow, spicy to sweet, and hot to cool. Unlike western cuisine, which tend towards individual portions, Thai food is best when shared.

All dishes are made to order, which requires accurate preparation time and your patience! If you have special needs, be sure to ask us and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

Please Note: We are a BYOB establishment.

Thank you for dining with us!